LC Homestyles

Finally... nutritious, ready-to-eat entrees that taste great!

HOMESTYLE FRESH is proud to introduce LC HOMESTYLES™, entrees with a taste and texture so terrific, you'll think Mom created it in her own kitchen.
We mix together the highest quality ingredients with natural spices for a perfect blend of nutrition, taste, and texture.

You've read about the many benefits of eating foods with high protein and high fiber.  With LC HOMESTYLES, you'll find that this nutritional combination tastes great - and keeps you fuller, longer. All of this in under 250 calories.

And guess what? If you're counting carbs, you've come to the right place, too. These low carb chili meals contain less than 5 net carbs in the entire portion.

You can learn more about us here at our online home. We've included some helpful nutrition links to get you started, too. So we invite you to take a look around. We're glad you're here.

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